Saturday, March 24, 2012

alright alright alright...

My computer broke, all my pictures went somewhere between here and Limbo and I have yet to get the courage to battle the evils of the technical horrors.
So, yeah, I'm alive. My computer however, is not.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Handpainted platter and brandy-pipe (Christmas 2011)

Time for The continuing of the christmas-gift-listing.

For my mother, I wanted to do something special. In fact, the only reason it became a christmas gift is because I didn't have time to finish it before traveling there to visit in the summer.
The shining parts are actually painted with silver-paint.

The text is in swedish, saying; "Remember to Laugh (It could have been worse)". 

Next up is something I made for Mr. Kilt. I found this funny looking porcelain-pipe hidden away on a dusty shelf, and after discussing wildly for about half an hour with the class we came to the conclusion that it must be a brandy/whiskey/akvevit-pipe. In short; you pour an alcoholic beverage into the tiny bowl and sip it through the long thingy, haha.

Oku is one of Mr.Kilt's many names and definitely the easiest to write. The skull? It's kind of my thing when it comes to painting, not to mention that alcohol is poison. (Sweet, sweet poison...)

Don't run with scissors. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Handpainted coffee-mugs (christmas 2011)

It's with slight sadness I realize that I've been procrastinating instead of updating my blog. But enough with the waiting, it's my birthday today and I have some time to kill before going out. So why not breathing some life into this dusty little place?

For my brother, his wife, my sister, her husband and my mothers husband I hand painted some mugs:
My brother is a carpenter, so I thought it would fit.

Johanna is my brothers wife.

Greta is my sister, she got the hat and bow skull. Mikael is her husband.

Torvald is my mothers husband, and the closest thing I've ever had to a father. His mug looks different from the others, because he loves flowers. He spends all his work hours underground, so I thought he'd like a reminder of the beautiful garden he's grown at home.

I figured this would be a good start to my 2011 christmas-gift-listing. I did make more porcelain gifts, but they're for another entry. 

Don't run with scissors. 

Friday, December 9, 2011


(I've been naughty, don't tell anyone. I've been putting up my type of graffiti around town.)

Don't Run with scissors.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Skull plate set

I have been up to my neck in christmas-gift crafting, of which none can show up here until after christmas, so bear with me.

I do, however, have this porcelain set I painted for MAS, a center for people with physical and psychological difficulties. They had a christmas market to raise some money and I can proudly tell you that my set was sold for 400:- NOK (52 euro /  69 USD) .

Aren't they cute?

Don't run with Scissors.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shameless narcissism

Have you noticed? *hint hint* Look up at your browsers address field.
I have my own domain now, BOOYAA!
I also have my own, professional email.
And a fan page on Facebook. (Like it like you like it, people! )

I feel so... Grown up.

Don't runt with scissors.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Knotted bracelets.

I have a bunch of different coloured rope, some string and a whole lot of beads lying around.  Lately I've been trying to make things from what i already have lying around, and I have a lot of things lying around... So, among other stuff, I've been making some bracelets.

Brown rope, red rope and two coloured buddhistic praying beads. Not really a buddhist, but I like how they're thinking. And the beads are really pretty. One for me and one for Mr. Kilt.

Spiral knots with beads made out of bone and skull designs for closing decor.

I've been getting back to my creating like there's no tomorrow and I love it!  If I'm not doing one thing, I'm doing another. Finally inspiration has struck again. 

Don't run with scissors. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011


So, yeah, Murphy struck again.
In july (over three months ago, I know) the kids asked me to jump on the trampoline with them. So I did. And then I heard a *Click* and three seconds later I could barely support myself on my left knee.
Of course I didn't let that stop me.

Now fast forward three months and my knee still hurt like a bitch. Being the I-don't-need-a-doctor-I'm-sure-it's-nothing-serious kind of person that I am, I still hadn't had it checked out. Instead I'd been walking on it a lot, climbing mountains, trees and crawled on all fours under a bridge - over ten meters above ground. (Link will take you to my geocaching-blog where there's pictures of said event. Totally worth it, btw).

But yeah, my knee won the fight and I dragged myself to the docs. They pulled, poked and did a simple x-ray. Found nothing and said it was probably nothing cause it wasn't swollen. Of course it wasn't swollen Now, you should have seen it three months ago!
They sent me away to do an MR and I can now say that those MR-machines scare the fucking bejeezus out of me.

But at least they found out what was wrong (ligament partly torn off, but will heal on it's own). 
So now I'm forced to use crutches and let the damn thing rest until it's healed.

I hate crutches, they're ugly, boring and always in the way. But doctor's orders are still orders and I decided to do the best out of the situation:
I pimped out my crutches with black and pink duct-tape
Now I don't mind them as much anymore and just looking at them make me feel a whole lot better.

Don't run with scissors.

Anchor Beach Bag

This bag was an experiment.
I wanted to try out free hand sewing on my machine (turns out I'm really bad at it, haha) and I wanted to make a beach bag with a design I actually liked.
When I, a little over a year ago, was gifted a whole lot of fabric, I  got some off-green/off-white stripy fabric and my first thought was "BEACH BAG!"

(I hate our yellowish bedroom walls, ugh...)

The pocket, lining and anchor was made out of denim, I used some sweeeet soft rope I found in an alley-store downtown and eyelets for the fastening, because... well, eyelets frikkin' rocks.
The handles was a simply attached my tying a knot on the inside.

(The bag became a gift for Mr. Kilt. We also found out if the Dog fits in the bag. He did, obviously.)

Now I swear I  made this thing at least a day or so before they showed up in all the stores, honestly. Hopefully. Maybe....

Don't run with scissors.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hippie Bag!

While geocaching in Sweden me and Mr. Kilt got lost in the forest, rain pouring down like there was no tomorrow and trees, rocks and moss as far as we could see. It took us almost three hours to find our way back to civilization and by that time we were soaking wet and so was our things and bags.
My old faithful bag that's been serving me well for a good six years of abuse started smelling absolutely foul and it looked like it wanted to commit seppuku. So naturally, I threw it in the washing machine.
I couldn't go out without a bag, so I pulled out some fabric I had gotten on a sale in Sweden and occupied my mothers kitchen floor to create a new one.
I present to you; The Hippie bag - Pink Edition!

(Bags are frikkin' tricky to take good pictures of, how do you other awesome bloggers do it?! And yeah, hippie dog in the corner making sure I wasn't trying to sneak out without him) ) 

It's basically a typical bottomless bag with a round gathered bottom, one outside pocket with a button for closure and one open inside pocket. (No pics of the inside, sorry! ) 
I love how I cant fit absolutely EVERYTHING in the thing, but I'm not the biggest fan of having to almost Climb Inside the damn thing to find anything again after putting it in, haha.

Don't runt with scissors.

Patches bag!

So I've been crafting a whole lot lately, but seeing how most of the things I've created are christmas gifts, I haven't been able to publish them here.
My oh my - This blog will be bombed with posts come post-christmas.
But (!) my dear readers, I have managed to rumble through my closet and find a few unpublished creations from throughout the year.  So starting with the Patches Bag, my blog will once again awaken from it's slumber.

(Taking pretty photos in a chaotic little apartment is always a challenge. Here also pictured my little hippie-dog who was convinced I was trying to sneak out without him.)

This was my second project hen learning how to work my overlock machine, a design I've had in my sketchbooks for a few years, to be honest.  
It's a complete re-use project, made from cut out squares from old t-shirts. Mr. Kilt and I covered the floor finding the right pieces to make it look good, but in hindsight it became a bit smaller than I wanted it to be.  
I also put a "double-patch" on the outside and on the inside for small invisible pockets. (Looks closely at the front and you see where my cardholder is poking out, on purpose just for you, of course, haha) 
Of course, the whole thing being made of old pieces of jersey it stretched out a bit when I put my things inside, so I ended up shortening the strap with a knot. 
All in all I love it. 

 Don't run with scissors. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mr. Kilt's new Penholder

I'm incredibly proud over my awesome Mr. Kilt who started school this week.  He's studying to become a Stage and Light Technician (I know, sounds totally hardcore, right?). As he was packing his bag for school he realized he didn't have anywhere to put all the pens and markers he has to drag around, so with a sweet innocent look on his face he asked if I could make one.
Sure thing, I said. It will be my first test-subject for my new ovelock.

I let him pick out the fabrics and after i found some elastic I was put to work. The result became the epic of awesomeness, of course:

(See the uneven bottom? Yeah, that's me getting to know my new machine)

As I can never resist a chance to add a little quirk to an otherwise simple project, I gave the edges an inside-out raggedy look and put a key (who many years ago lost it's lock) to work as a weight for the closing.
Mr. Kilt loves it. I love him. The machine loves me. It's justa whole lotta love here today.

Don't run with scissors.

My new baby♥

Here's the reason why this blog has been quiet for a while, I've been in a bit of a sewing-rut.  I've been dreaming of an overlock for two years now and with the amount of tax money I got back this year I was finally going to afford one, but then stuff happened and I didn't afford one anymore...  But then MORE stuff happened and I once again had the chance to get one, and yesterday I did. *dancing of joy*
Let me introduce you to my new baby:

I named her Pebbles. Because I can.  She can do all sorts of awesome stuff. I've always loved the handmade-rough look of things and with an overlock I can finally make some dream designs of mine come true! 
A mission from Mr. Kilt comes first though, a perfect project for getting used to the machine, which I will show you in a few hours.

Don't run with Scissors. 

Crafting with Kids: Barbie"house"

Okey, so here's the thing I promised to show you... err... A month ago (I have good reasons I promise!). The Barbie House: 

As I was digging through my mother's attic I came a across an old, tattered box of barbies. The lid was flat, the box was barely holding the weight of it's contents. Oh, yeah, it was boring and blue. I don't do boring, neither does the girls.
So with some glue, tape, gift-wrapping paper, pens and stickers the girls and I gave the barbies a new home. A really fancy one, too, with paintings on the wall and a roof in all the colors of the rainbow.

Yes, all except four of these were mine, unexpected, huh?

So with a new home (A bit crowded, but just think of it as a summer cabin, haha ) and new friends all the dolls was finally out of the dark attic and got their hair brushed by girls who looked like they won the lottery. 
I'd say that's a pretty good destiny for old toys and a tattered old box.

Don't run with Scissors. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Crafting with Kids - Aquarium

I recently spent two weeks in Sweden, visiting family and such, you know how it is.  This here is three of my perfectly normal, healthy nieces and one nephew. I know, you can totally see we're related, right?

See, one thing I love about being around kids is that I get to do crafts that would look more than a little strange if I did them at home on my own.  Like a cardboard aquarium, for example. Or a barbie house (I'll get to that in another post), which made grandma run out of glue. This of course being the reason why everything in the aquarium is put together with tape.

I was cleaning out my mothers attic, looking through the last of my things and deciding what I was taking with me back home to Norway and what was going to be tossed. Oh, the memories... It was raining outside and with three hyper kids who were more than a little upset about not being allowed to be on the trampoline, something needed to be done fast!

So I found An old PS-box, some yarn, some tape, paper, pens, saran wrap (for the "glass" front) and scissors and parked the kids butts on the floor to make an aquarium with me. Something I hadn't done since first grade in school about 16 years ago.

(Oh, what do you know, me in a white shirt, no make-up and hair in desperate need of being dyed again. How charming...)

After explaining to the youngest how a fish that is the size of an A4 is going to have a hard time fitting into the aquarium, but how my magical scissor made it small enough to fit in with the others it was time to put it all together.

Very original fishies, best aquarium on the street, I'm sure. I mean, how many of you have a shark, a starfish, a Poofy-fish and a flying-fish (who is afraid of heights) in the same tank, eh?

Don't breath water.