Sunday, March 21, 2010

My workplace

(This is of course a montage. Normally my desk is covered with piles of crap, fabrics and papers, but it wouldn't look as fancy, now would it? )

My sewing machine cover was the very first thing I made when I bought my sewing machine. With the buy I got this weird, white plastic cover that I really hated. Of course all I needed to do was drop it within reach of my faithful rats, turn my back for one second and it was a cover - no more.

Being the lazy bastard I am (really, patterns are such a bore), I cut the remains of the old cover and used the pieces as a pattern for my new one. Haha! I said, thinking I beat the system, but then it dawned on me...  To be able to sew anything I need actual fabric.
This was the time before I had gotten the collection of scraps and fabric that is now threatening to take over the apartment. All I had was this butt-ugly skirt my old teacher had forced me to make out of tablecloths, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do and a little measuring, cutting and sewing later the ugly skirt became my new awesome sewing machine cover. 


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