Monday, April 19, 2010

Kids kimono

This is the second time I make a kimono
using This tutorial. Well, the second time I didn't need the tutorial, but i used the same design.

The first one I made for a friends baby daughter, this one is for my niece that's expected any day now. ♥

Due to a temporary economic disturbance (my last draft basically said: "HAHA, YOU'RE BROKE!"), I will have to cancel my planned trip to Sweden for now. The one good thing coming out of this is all the time I will spend in front of the sewing machine until my next pay.

Don't run with scissors.


  1. Hello I am Brazilian, I entered the site, Habitual, I requested the tutorial gi,
    but unfortunately nobody answered me.
    Had some trouble in sending me?
    Sorry for bad English!

  2. HELLO...i have the same problem that rafa but I am from spain...Sorry, my english is very bad....I need this tutorial, is perfect for my baby (I am pregant now)



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