Sunday, April 11, 2010


  I'm sorry it's been a while since I last posted, even if I have a pretty valid reason.

As most people know, I am the master of ridiculous injuries and this time is no different. I was in a cleaning-frenzy (read: made the dishes) and went into the livingroom to pick up some coffeecups that needed cleaning. As it turns out, there was a lose nail in the threshold that decided to grab a hold of my jeans and send me flying straight into the bookcase. The bookcase decides to throw piles of stuff on me as I'm lying on the floor, possibly hinting that it wants to be a bit more organized. 

You would think I'd get a concussion or at least a bump on the head - but No.  Instead I am lying on the floor in agonizing pain, convinced that an axe had fallen down and chopped my foot off or any other form of painful and horrible injury that would make a much more amazing story than this. But I chose to be honest, so here goes...
It turns out I only broke my toe. (It's okey to laugh, but really, it hurt like hell)

Crutches has become a forced-upon frequently worn accessory. I'm lucky they suit me so well.

Not all cats land on their feet.


  1. Tjo bruttan! Gör du för spännande? Man ska ju inte klaga på solen nu redan.. men det blir föör varmt att arbeta inomhus, nu skulle man varit hm.. trädgårdsarbetare typ ^^

  2. Ok...I did laugh, but only because you are so funny! ;) Your blog is great!! Thanks for saying hi on mine!


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