Friday, May 14, 2010

Baby Hoodie

Let me introduce you to my brand new niece ♥  The reason for my lack of updates these last weeks. 

I went to Sweden for a few days to see her, give her this magnificent hoodie I made just for her and to celebrate my nephew's 12th birthday. I'd do anything for cake, even sit eight hours on a bus, haha.

The hoodie is my own design, for once. no patterns or tutorials followed, just me and my machine.
Adorable, right? ♥

I spent 5 days in Sweden this time around, which didn't give me any time to see friends. You see, I now have six very active nieces and nephews to see, mother with husband, brother with wife, sisters hubby ( Sister was busy). Handball games were played (My nephews team won, woo!) and of course, a lot of time spent carrying this adorable little girl around.
I did see one friend, however. Ajse, who was a sweetheart and came to meet me right before I went on the bus home, so I could give her the birthday prezzie she wanted. A pink button ring. :)

Don't run with scissors.


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