Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mean Machine & Foodbowl Bed

My machine and I have not been getting along lately. This resultet in many broken needles, ruined fabrics and machine surgery in places that should probably have been left untouched.
The result is a bit too tragic to take a picture of, but at least it's working, sometimes, in a sad masochistic kind of way (works fine for ten minutes, then I have to take it apart and put back together, works fine for ten minutes, take apart... you get it). Is it odd of me to think that the machine seem to enjoy it?

But fear not, something Amazing is about to happen that will end my machine-misery! Of course I can't write down what just yet (seeing how Murphy loves me and things always tend to go wrong when I take out my joy in advance), but thinking about it makes my toes curl in a good way and I get an intense urge to squeek. But in not too long I will tell you. Hopefully.

Speaking of Nothing: The obsessive part of me feels that it would be very wrong to publish a post without a picture, so here is one of Lilla GrĂ¥, the rat who despite having fuzzy hammocks and a little house , finds the best sleeping place to be the food bowl. After throwing all the food out she can...sort of... fit. (I did not put a random ball of fluff in the bowl, if you look closely you can see the ear, I promise):

Don't put forks in power outlets.

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