Friday, June 25, 2010

*Happy Dance*

I got myself a new toy yesterday! ♥ It's soooo pretty with lots of buttons and a touchscreen and other fancy things I've never used before....
Now I have to find room for all the extra stuff that came with it, some of which are completely new to me. My comics have just been replaced by a very big instruction manual.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I got a purple wig the other day! I'm sick of my short hair and Ebay has never failed to deliver. I iz ze Poiple! (Yes, poiple. Say purple while stuffing your mouth with potatoes and you will understand.)

Don't run with scissors.


  1. I miss the days when I had purple chunks in my hair. Perhaps they shall make a return this fall! The sewing machine looks cool! :-)

  2. Så stilig hår! :) Boka har jeg hatt i butikken min - kommer nok til å ta den inn igjen!


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