Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm a Knitting Pirate

Just have to show you this awesome t-shirt I bought a while back. I got it when I had basically no money, so since technically i shouldn't have afforded it, I never remember having it. It's a happy surprise everytime I find it in my drawer when Oku's done the laundry. ♥ I bought it on sale in a comic-book store here in Oslo.
Isn't it the most awesome T-shirt print ever?

I'm a knitting pirate! It's great fun, knitting and crocheting, but I rarely get around to do it much. There is a fully valid reason for it too; I happen to be, kind of... very... bad at it.

These pictures are from 2008, where I attempted to make a simple frikkin´ scarf. Yes, I screwed it up pretty bad. I'd like to think my knitting skills have improved a little since then.

Don't run with knitting needles.

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