Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jam roll recipe

Hello, my name is Katt and I'm an insomniac...
Naturally this gives me a lot of spare time during the dark hours of the night.  I can't sew since my eyes are too tired to focus, but Baking on the other hand... That I can do.
So at 2 am I decided to make some jam rolls, putting my hunt for the perfect muffin-recipé to the side for a while.

Don't they look delicious?
It's really easy to make and only take about 20 minutes! (It's a lot of text, but don't be scared, I just make sure there is no way for you to screw this up. Because I love you ♥

What you need:
3 eggs
2 dl granulated sugar 
2 dl flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
0,5 dl milk (soy milk works as well!) 
For filling you can use any jam you want, in the one above I used strawberry, for example.

What you do:
First of all, put your oven on 250°c (or 480°f). Make sure(!) the oven is warm enough when you're ready to put your  cake in (if you leave the "dough" lying around it tastes like you put in too many eggs).
Take a bowl and mix in the eggs and sugar together until slightly poofy (or a lighter yellow). Keep mixing while you throw in the baking powder, then the flour and last the milk. Mix until it's a lump-free goo.
Put baking paper in an oven pan and pour the goo on top of it. Smear it out evenly and throw it into the oven.

Now you have 5 minutes to put another baking paper on the kitchen table and spread some sugar on it. Keep check of the cake while doing this, it burns easily. (The cake WILL grow to be quite big in the over sometimes, but don't worry, it will sink together when you take it out again).

Almost done now, here comes the tricky part:
As soon as the cake is done, take it out and throw it upside down on the baking paper you put sugar on. The paper you had in the oven is now attached to the top of the cake. Carefully peel it off. When that's in the trash, put the jam of your choice on top of the cake and smear it all over the place. It is very important you do this quickly, because if the cake gets too cool it will break when we try to roll it together.

Anyway, let's say you were fast as lightning and your jam is now on, it is time to roll it. Really, there is no trick to this, just roll it, roll it, roll it.... Just don't roll in the paper, that will taste weird.

Now, it tastes best cooled, but it can be eaten however. I like putting it in the freezer, it's less of a mess that way, but my fiance likes it chilled and my neighbour likes it room-tempered.

"The cake is not a lie"

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