Friday, June 18, 2010

FBI, Dr Seuss and time travelling.

My dreams have been a bit all over the place lately. Must be the finnish air. When Oku woke me up around ten and asked if I wanted some coffee I gave him this reply:  "Not now, I have some FBI-agents chasing me."
Here's what I dreamed: 

Part one:
First I'm in this colloseum like place, where they tell us that something bad is going to happen. So we (me and a million other people) figured we were going to die. For some reason we bring our bedsheets, but when we arrive at the door we hear a "just kidding, get back to your seats." wtf?  So I drop all my bedsheets on the way back and no one helps me to pick them up (As they had suddenly multiplied). Hmpf, so much for courtesy among strangers...

Part two:
Suddenly I'm at the bottom of a hill with Oku, we are having a picnic in this weird "privacy globe". The rules of the globe was to never involve in other peoples conversations, whether you knew them or not. Suddenly two of my friends (who are engaged to be married) come out of a door and start arguing. I can see she is upset, but I'm not allowed to run after her when she leaves. Eventually i decide to look for her anyways, but she finds me first. Dressed in black baggy pants, a random goth shirt and a Dr Seuss hat ( Seriously, wtf?!) she's carrying some bottles of wine, saying she's had enough with boys and is now going to get wasted, as soon as she finds another friend of mine.

Part three:

Huey, Dewey, Louie (Swedish:Knatte, Fnatte och Tjatte. Norwegian: Ole, Dole og Doffen) and I were fixing an elevator to get into a random office building in the middle of the night, for no apparent reason. We get it fixed, but when we go up to the 6th floor we discover that we also travelled 60 years back in time. Suddenly these pissed off FBI-agents are chasing us down some stairs, each staircase taking us 20 years back into the future, but they were gaining on us and I realize I don't want to bring them with me to the future, so I stop and....

...Get woken up by Oku.
I know, it kind of pissed me off too. Sorry.


Don't time travel while running.

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  1. he he! Kunne bli en ganske kul film dette her! Grrr, du får finne på del 4 også :)


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