Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gift bag

A friend of mine just turned thirty, so me and the neighbour put together a little goodie-bag for her.
Due to "sad" bank accounts, we decided that hand made things are the best things.
So she's designing the birthday-card and I sewed together a little gift bag and a cardholder.
Now, she's a total goth, but her bathroom theme is light green and since all the stuff we bought is for the bath, we decided to stick with the theme.

(Now, technically I am writing this the day before her celebration, but since she reads my blog I won't let this publish until after the party. There will be drinkin' and I am a horrible speller when tipsy, so... Scheduled posts, For The Win!)

Don't run with scissors.


  1. This is me when drunk, kind of slightly ver ydrunk. Woo! Have a good night everyone!

  2. very good! salute....
    keep up the good work 0_0

  3. I love black and purple together - nice work^^

  4. Weeell, I would call that one green..
    But maybe I´m colorblind.. Hmm..


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