Saturday, July 10, 2010

Guess what I'm up to...

Finally I have started on my first quilt ever and of course I can't make it easy on myself, so my first project will be to turn Oku's old t-shirts into a quilt. Last year he lost 40 kilos (ca 88 lbs) in nine months, so all his shirts are way too big, but he can't bring himself to throw them away. Since his birthday is coming up on the 14th, I figured I might as well give it a try.
I am dog sitting as well, a Chinese Crested named Logan, but I mostly call him Cuddlebutt. Mostly Cresties are ehm.. naked, but Cuddlebutt here reminds of a very, very tiny polarbear.
He helps me with the patch placements, simply by lying down on the ones I'm not allowed to move and push away all the others.

Oh yeah, to keep the true Murphy spirit going, I manged to use my new rotary cutter for an entire 3 SECONDS before I cut myself. I know, I've got mad skillz!

Don't run with rotary Cutters.


  1. Åh, jag vill också ha ett stort lapptäcke av t-shirts!
    Men jag har inte så många att göra ngt av! =/

    Får köpa massa med snygga motiv och klippa sönder ;P

  2. Kommer til å bli hans yndlingsteppe, det er det bare nødt til å bli, kuuuult! - Har du overlock-søm på Brother'n din? (Håper du kommer på MAS'Åpent Hus, og avsluttningsmiddag.)


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