Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mr Kilt's birthday! (aka "The first Quilt I've ever made")

Mr. Kilt is turning 26 years old today and being the amazing girlfriend I am, I woke him up with blueberry muffins, a new book, a 12 sided dice (it's a long story, not to mention that he lost the last one) and a quilt made from his old shirts! 

I am sooo proud over myself for pulling this one off, I've never done anything that even resembles a quilt before, so it's fair to say that I was dead set on failing miserably.
It turned out to be surprisingly easy to make, I spent two afternoons on it, so about eight hours or so.

if you click on the pic for a close up you can see a beige pocket in the lower  right. It was Mr. Kilt who requested one so he has somewhere to put his phone.He loses that damn phone a lot.

Anyway, at five-ish we'll be heading to a 50's diner to celebrate with some friends.

Don't run with scissors.


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