Friday, August 13, 2010

Nintendo iPhone case

As promised last night; the pictures of Mr. Kilts finished surprise!

An iPhone case that looks like a Nintendo 8-bit controller. 
All details were sewn by hand, I sent Mr. Kilt down town to pick up some grey sewing thread for me, the only thing I didn't have lying around. Thing that are not in the picture is my blue sock I used for the inside to make the phone extra snug, and my "ThatDamnCat" label I attached to the back.
Mr. Kilt is happy, of course. I can't say I'm not jealous. If I had an iPhone I might have kept it myself, but hey, he deserves it.

Don't run with scissors. 


  1. Åå, jeg vil ha! Hvor mye vil du ta for en morsom mobil-holder? :-)

  2. d0000d that is feckin awesome! huge props to you!

  3. This is SO awesome! Mr Kilt must be smiling^^

  4. Åhh!
    Va fin! Jag vill ha en. Måste bara skaffa telefonen först :)

    /Natali F


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