Sunday, September 5, 2010

The machine from 1975

Oh wow, has it really been this long since my last post?
Don't worry, I have tons of excuses this time around. I'm ill (Again, yes. Basically something is wrong and no one knows what.) which has taken all my crafting energy.
And now I've spent a week at my parents place in Sweden.

This is my mom, she's pretty awesome. And That's me. You may now consider yourselves as very awesome people, being the only ones to se the only picture of my, at the moment, horrible hair. I wear hats a lot.

This is my mom's sewing machine. The very first machine I ever sat at, the first machine I learned how to work (that didn't have anything to do with videogames). I love this heavy metal thingy.

The reason I'm showing you this is because my Non-Crafting week ended up to be quite crafty after all. My sister-in-law had this pink tank top she wanted me to try and make something out of for Stella, my niece.  Who am I to resist a challenge?
I didn't take a before-picture. I know, I suck a little, but to be honest I was quite sure I'd fail. I had a worn out top, no pattern and guestimate measurements.
Somehow I made it after all, it fitted and turned out pretty cool (for a pink dress). There is a picture of the finished thing, but it's still in my camera and I'm all packed up for the trip back home tomorrow. So I guess you'll get to see it later.

And not to be the one that talks about my man too much, but Mr. Kilt will be back from his tour in a week, wooo! Can't wait.

Don't run with scissors.


  1. I can't wait to see the dress! I really hope you start to feel better soon.

    Also - that machine looks completely awesome!

  2. Hope you'll be feeling better!

    I have an aunt and uncle that moved to Sweden for a year and then they moved back to Germany because they said it was too cold lol. I've be happy to live in Sweden though I like the cold :D


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