Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stella's new dress

Yeah, I felt really bad for not having a before-picture of the tank, so I went on an epic picture hunt. (Google is my friend) and as always - The Interwebs never fail to deliver. Sort of, at least.

This is the same designed tank I used to make the baby dress, but the one I used didn't have stripes and was more pink, which you'll see.

Anyways, I separated the bands around the sleeves and neckline and then, with the monkey as the center, measured how I'd cut it all out.
Remember I didn't have any pattern and guestimate measurements, just quickly throwing a measuring tape around a slightly annoyed little girl.

Well, enough blabber. As promised, the result:

I didn't close the bands on top, so it can be tied to fit however as Stella grows, maybe even be used as a top instead of a dress later on. (If you look closely you can see I even managed to keep the original Paul Frank tag on the side). I can basically be used until it falls apart. She seems to like it, too.

I got back to Oslo two hours ago, the lit up town and the scent of autumn in the air made me smile.
I love september, I really really do.
Oh, I also got my test results. If I've learned anything from having a mom that's a nurse it should be to read doctor's papers like these.  So yeah, now I think I know why I'm sick. Too bad it didn't make me much happier.

Don't run with scissors.


  1. That dress is super cute and great for summer or winter.

    So sorry to hear you're not well!


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