Monday, October 4, 2010

Another form of creativity

So... life's been a bit of a bitch lately, to be honest. Great things have happened, sucky things have happened and I just never seem to stop being sick. Soon going on three months, I think.
But this is not what my blog is about.

Creativity and creation come in many different forms, here it's mostly been about sewing. This time will be slightly different.
I was visited by a friend from my past this weekend. He needed vacation and I needed to smile. He came bearing gifts. A tattoo-kit to be exact. And before I knew it I was sitting there tattooing one of my oldest friends.

Considering I had never held a tattoo-machine before in my life until the moment I was about to permanently mark him I was scared shitless. Odd how complete fear can make your shaking hands still create amazingly straight lines, eh?

Don't run with needles.

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