Saturday, November 6, 2010

Black knight costume

One of the halloween-costumes I took on myself to create this year was for a dear friend of mine. I'll give you a second to guess what he went as....
That's right, my clever ones, he went as Monty Python's Black  Knight and looked awesome!
I sewed the black "shirt", added a shoulder-cover for the arm and a hood to wear underneath the helmet.
BUT (!) the painting and helmet was made by none other than my dear, basically-blind friend and neighbour. For a girl that doesn't see much she sure knows what she's doing and her fantastic art skillz keep blowing me away. 
You can see more of her art on her DeviantArt-site if you click -HERE-

Oh yeah, if you want to see any of my pictures bigger, just click on them and it will open up to a 1000px minimum.

Don't run with scissors.


  1. Äntligen så kan jag se dina uppdateringar i bloggen. Det var en Fin fin utklädsel du gjort. <3


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