Thursday, November 18, 2010

Winterskirt, or "Omg, I made something for myself!"

I bought myself a new pair of shoes the other day, since you can never have too many shoes. They're warm and knee-high and with a little bit of heel without making me feel like bambi when I walk.
But since they're knee-high they go better with skirts, which made me realize something. Mr. Kilt owns more skirts (sorry, kilts) than I do. How very un-girlie of me!
So I decided to make one, just because I could.

And yeah, I'm a redhead now.
Isn't it pretty?  the fabric is thick and soft, which made me have to stitch each fold on the machine to make it stay folded all the way down. It took a lot of thread. And yeah, as always i screwed something up, this time the rugged edges at the bottom, since I didn't realize that sewing the hem BEFORE I sew the folds would have been smart.  But hey, at least I found out I have an overlock-ish type of stitch on my magic machine, haha.

I'm always weak for pretty details, which made me use hooks, eyelets and a ribbon to close with instead of a simple boring zipper. I must admit that after spending hours on this thing it was slightly terrifying making holes for the eyelets, thankfully Murphy was on vacation.

There you go, I finally sewed something for myself, what do you think?

Don't run with scissors.


  1. Absolutely awesome! But then again, what DamnCat creation isn't? :p
    Boots look great too :)

  2. I LOVE this skirt - its awesome and looks great on you^^

  3. Jättefin verkligen, vill också ha :P
    Gillar detaljen med snörningen, totally brilliant.


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