Thursday, December 16, 2010

Needle cushion bracelet

Most of the time I'm the one that doesn't sleep at night, but occasionally mr. Kilt join me in my adventures of an insomniac, this was one of those nights.
As I was getting to get some sewing work done he decided to sew something for me( my guess is that he's sick of accidentally trying to kiss me while I have needles in my mouth, haha) and created a pin cushion bracelet.
I'd like to add that he has no sewing experience what so ever, in fact, he's never even sat by a machine. All things considered he did an awesome job. After I showed him where the ON-button is... How to start... How to stop... And how to cut the thread.
Really, I'm impressed.

Oh yeah, I'm totally trying to do this post on my iPad. Tricky indeed.

Don't run with scissors.


  1. sv. Det låter som en perfekt lördag det! Sy måste vara kul, tappade den kunskapen någon gång i åttan nör syslöjden var över ^^ Kan typ stoppa en tråd i en nål. Hah.

    Vad syr du? Förrsten, bra jobbat av honom där :)

  2. He did a great job! I think I'd end up breaking a sewing machine if I tried!


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