Friday, January 28, 2011


Yes, my dear followers, finally I have gotten my butt in gear and taken a photo of the finished baby-quilt project. Oh, how you must have longed for the finished result, haha.
But wait no more, for here it is! The amazing, the weird, the squirrel-with-a-cheeseslicer'y.....
Baby Quilt!:

(Click on picture to see it bigger)
My embroidery machine went temporarily evil and made me change my plans from a full "Leah Jane" to just Leah, but hey, could have been worse.
And the back of the fabric is fuzzy and OH SO SO-O-O-O-OFT, I had real issues when it came to stop cuddling it and give it away to it's proper owner. 

On a more personal note; I'm in Sweden with a cold. Annoying, I know. I really have no immune-system what so ever. But as I'm kicking fever's BUTT I'm also here to celebrate mom's birthday (I bought her a gift, how very uncrafty of me), my sisters wedding and in a few days (2/2, in case you want to know) Mah verah own B-Day celebration. Woo! 

Don't run with scissors. 

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  1. Hahaha, kul beskrivning på din kunskap i köket! ;) Tack så mycket!

    Du är ju i och för sig GRYM på att ge de döda tingen liv! Riktigt snygga saker du gjort!


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