Friday, January 14, 2011

Giveaway winner!

Thanks to you and the amazing we now have a winner for my very first giveaway. So, drumroll please....


The winner is Claire!

Thank you all for your amazing comments, which turned out to come in very handy when I ended up with the Flu of Dooooooooom and desperately needed some cheering up. 
And so you won't worry your pretty little heads, there WILL be a weekly craft (Would be just my luck to fail a new years resolution on the second week of the year, though, hah) but due to unforeseen circumstances (Read: vomiting, fever-hallucinations and general dehydration) I have not been able to sit up long enough to whip something up until now. With other words; I'm working on it!

Don't run with scissors.

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  1. I AM SUPER PUMPED!! Can't wait to get the cute purse in the mail! Thanks!!


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