Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good-to-Go Cardholders

A long time ago I made an entry of a cardholder I made for myself. Now I've spent today making more of them, in new designs:

See the flowery one with the tag and pocket on the outside?  Yeah, that one was a mistake, but I figured I could show you I have that fabric design as well, although the pockets will be on the inside:

Yeah, the all pink one with only a plastic pocket is the flower one, in case your ability to think logically is temporarily turned off.

So! Find anyone you like?  Send me an email at and tell me which one you want and I'll calculate price with shipping to your destination.

Oh, and for people in Stockholm, Sweden:  Jag ska till Sthlm på besök mellan den 25e januari och 7e februari, så om du e intresserad men vill slippa betala porto så kanske vi kan mötas på stan istället.

Don't run with scissors.

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