Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mario Mushroom Coasters

I told you I'd be able to make something before the week ended, haha.

Introducing:  Coasters of awesomeness!

After realizing that I haven't  done any cross-stitching since kindergarten I suddenly got the urge to try it out once more. What better way to start than with the classic Mario Mushrooms? Hell, I even got Mr. Kilt to try it out, haha.

Otherwise my fever seem to be slowly going down and I start feeling human again. Mr. Kilt is taking great care of me and I'm so lucky I have him. 

Don't run with scissors. 


  1. Fy, vad snygga!! Vill haaaaa! ;)

  2. Dem skulle passa bra här hemma. =)

  3. I love these - seriously! I want some!

    I am glad Mr Kilt is taking excellent care of you :)

  4. i bet if i had some coaster like that around my house then maybe the hubby would actually use one...thank goodness we have a cheap-o thrift shop end table that i don't really care about and pre-ringed by the first owner.

    Great Job on the coasters!!!

    And glad to hear you're feeling better!


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