Thursday, January 6, 2011

One Yard Wonders + GIVEAWAY! (CLOSED!)

I've decided that 2011 is going to be a crafting-year. My bookmarks-folder is overflowing with "I have to make this!.. Eventually", my apartment is overflowing with fabrics and sewing books are piling up in the bookshelf.
So my new years resolution is to make something at least once a week. Sure, I could aim for more, but let's keep it real. more than one thing a week can be a happy surprise instead, haha.

So, I started with the "FOLKLORE BAG" from One Yard Wonders and made sure to pick out a fabric that's not really my style, but still pretty wicked:

(Click on image to view it bigger)
I apologize for the not-totally-perfect inside image, I haven't ironed it yet, but i wanted to show the little inside pocket and how roomy it is. 

So, what to do with this thing that isn't quite my style but oh'-so-cute?

For a chance to win this hippie-like bag, all you have to do is comment on this entry and answer this question:
What do you like most about this blog?
I'm aweome enough to ship it worldwide, just make sure you add your email adress so I can send you a message asking for your address if you win. 
You will have until friday the 14th of january to submit your answer. 
Oh! If you spread the news of this giveaway, I will love you forever, just saying.

Don't run with scissors.


  1. What's best about the blog? Hmm.. It belongs to the most crafty and talented Katt ;) LOVE The bag! So super sweet!

    I'll put this up in my blog right away!

  2. I love this blog for two reasons...
    For the first I also makes a lot of things like soap, cross stitch, sewing and so on... and this blog gives me ideas and courage to explore my own skills!
    But the number one reason for me reading this blog is that I love the little confused, most cute, allway funny and totally crazy women behind the words and text... I have never met her - but I would love to do so!
    So I never miss this blog - I even have it in Bloglovin so I will not miss a post!

    Go lovecat! <3

  3. Okej, nu måste du nästen ge väskan till henne ovanför ;P

    Omg, och ni har aldrig setts? Haha, sött!

    Jag älskar denna blogg, för att du gör sånt som jag vill göra men inte kan! =P
    Och jag tokälskar din skötväska, så hoppas på att du ska ha den på give away sen ;P

    Puss på ´re <3

  4. Nä vi har aldrig träffats... och väskan var jag inte ute efter eg bara chansen att få skriva det jag känner... Eg skulle jag vilja ha några coola bokmärken... Men men... ;)

  5. i love your blog because even though i am terribly uncrafty you always have a way of giving me ideas.(not that i have done much in the way of using said ideas,so lazy!)Oh and i told you people read it!

  6. super cute bag...I've been meaning to make one for myself, but haven't found the right fabric(s) yet!

    my favorite part of your blog is the cutie putie rat in the photo's...i love the one where it's stealin your cheese ;)

    actually i love all the crafy-ness on your should so totally put on a "followers", so I can follow's one of the first things I looked for.

    I also love that you go by bestest friend on the whole wide world is Cat...i lovers go to friend for all my problems.

    also not sure if you have a flickr account or not, but they have a One Yard Wonders flickr group where you can add your photos of the stuff you make from the book....and check out Pink Chalk...they're doing to sew-a-long with book..2 projects a week in order to get all the items done in one year.

    well thanks for the giveawy....sure am glad I came across your blog!

  7. I am a new follower of your blog (here via Craftster). I really like that you are "real" in your posts. You are creative and fun, and have so many great ideas. You are not afraid to admit crafty boo-boos (like "darn! should have hemmed the skirt BEFORE the pleats!"). It makes me feel better because I do that kind of thing ALL the time LOL!
    I will definitely be back for visits :)

  8. I am a newer reader, but I really try to catch your posts. I love your blog because you are crafty and fun and cool, but still very much authentic and YOU, and it calls to a part of me!

    Keep up the awesome!


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