Sunday, February 27, 2011

Amigurumi training (And cute dog)

Tadaa!  I did my very first amigurumi this week.
And my second one...
It turns out I'm a lot better at this crocheting thing than I've ever been at knitting, hah.

Of course I'm not really the person to untangle things if I discover I've done them wrong, I just look the other way and start on the next piece. This is how I  found out it takes me exactly four tries to make a decent enough doggy-foot. Of course that didn't stop me from putting the weird ones on, I don't discriminate.

I got the patterns from this swedish amigurumi-book that my nephew gave me for christmas. My goal is to make that crazy-cute dragon and maybe someday figure out how to make my own patterns.

This Amigurumi-thing really wasn't as hard as I thought.

It turns out I'm not the only one that likes these wonky little things  in my family. In fact, Logan seemed to have decided that I made him a new best friend. I doubt I had much to say about it.

Like I said, soooo cute! (Gawd, I'm such a girl....)

Don't run with scissors. 

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  1. CICCIII, Har du gått upp i rök eller? :O


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