Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another iPhone holder...

Happy sunday, again.

I made another iPhone holder today, this time it has a loop in the back where you can attach a band with velcro (I love velcro, it's awesome) and strap around your arm, or leg, or head or wherever you prefer to have your phone.

This one's great for running. It has fleece on the inside that holds the phone stuck and a band up top just for extra safety, without touching the the lock-button or cover where you plug in your headphones.

Isn't he cute, Mr. Kilt?  It's always a joy to force him to pose with my creations.
Too bad he refuses to wear a ballerina skirt I made.
(I mean, he wears a kilt anyway, so why not?)

 Wow, my pictures was a bit of a fail this time, but whatever, I'm sick (yes AGAIN! If you have seen my immune system, please contact me) so I'm allowed. 

In other news.... I'm trying to figure out this whole amigurumi-thing, but it turns out I'm a complete instruction-retard when it comes to crocheting as well.  Crap...

Don't run with scissors. 

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