Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hoodie for Logan

I am once again dog-sitting the adorable Logan and managed to perfectly time it with a sudden ice-cold wind and snow storm that is causing craziness outside my window.
But if a dog needs to go, he needs to go, so I decided to made him a fleece-hoodie to make it a little bit more durable.

Have you ever tried taking pictures of a dog that isn't a big fan of sitting still? Or standing still, or lying still... You catch my drift.
It's a challenge, I'll give you that.

This is the best i could do, I promise.  On the photo to the right he's actually wrapped into Mr. Kilts jacket to warm up a bit after a long walk in the snow, Only clear shot I got of him wearing the hood as well.
I kind of failed to count in his ears, so the hood is definitely... snug(And warm!).

I also realized why I fell in love with this dog the first time I saw him;  He looks like the dragon in "The Never Ending Story" which was my favourite movie as a kid!

Don't run with scissors.

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