Wednesday, May 18, 2011

17th of may celebration

Hello my dear blog, I sure have been neglecting you lately and I apologize.
The real world got in the way, but I'm back now, I promise.

Yesterday was a happy day in Norway, where everyone dresses up, eats a lot of nommies and happily waving flags around. The 17th of May; Norway's national day.
We have a tradition of celebrating at my dear friend T's house, with barbeques, boardgames and lots of laughs.

Logan needed to match the day, so right before running to the bus I whipped together a Doggie Scarf out of some red, blue and white scraps. For closing I used some eyelets and metal thingy-ma-bobs I had lying around.

My pretty and proud little sweetie

my own look has been slightly updated since last time as well. my hair is now a summery Purple, I have a new tattoo and thanks to a new hobby I've started losing weight. This year definitely looks to be a good one. 

So here's mine wishing you a great summer, promising new updates and a never-ending stream of craftiness to come. 

Don't run with Scissors.

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  1. Good picture of you two! Purple hair is teh win. And cute dog :)

    I told Oskar I was gonna visit Norway (and Ireland) this summer but then my money situation got so messed up when my apartment was robbed. Blah.

    Next year I'm gonna get over to Europe even if I have to hitch hike :D


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