Saturday, May 21, 2011

Geocaching & TreasureBags

How many of you have heard of Geocaching? Are any of you active hunters?  I would love to know. You see, I've become a little bit of a fanatic, even though I've only known about it for a few weeks.

(I know, my paint skillz rock, right? haha)
What fascinatedme the most when I started was how many there are, hidden in places you've passed a million times, without a clue.

I think I love it because of the feel of one giant world-wide treasure hunt, a reminder that being a grown-up doesn't have to be another word for Boring.
Well that and I love collecting small and random trinkets. So for me, this is perfect.
And I've lost weight doing it, woo!

After convincing Mrs. T and Mr. Kilt that they had to join me on my never-ending quest to hunt for treasures I decided to make us all Geocaching-bags to hold all our GC-needs (Basically a GPS and lots of random trinkets).
First, One for T:

Red being her favourite color and a quick embroidery on the back, with a plastic "window" in the front to easier find the things inside made her happy with the gift.
Then one for me and Mr. Kilt:

We had to make due without embroidered names, since my machine decided to be in a bad mood, but it still turned out pretty cool.

With only 6 left to go before I find 100 caches, I'll leave you with this for today.

Don't run with Scissors.

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  1. That is something I have always wanted to do but I haven't tried GeoCaching yet. I gotta give that a try it looks like a lot of fun!


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