Thursday, May 19, 2011

Harry Potter Cloak

Very soon the last Harry Potter movie comes out and I'm far from the only fan. Are you as excited at I am?

Anyways, a while back I got an order from a father wanting to surprise his daughter (a fellow HP-fan) with a cloak to match the rest of the outfit she already had picked out for the premiere.
And who am I to say no to a challenge like that?

This is the first time I ever made a cloak, or jacket, or anything that has an inside fabric lining. But what better way to learn than throw yourself right into the challenge?
With all the measurements ready i got to cuttin' and markin' and sewin', In fact, I got so into it that I made it all in one go, 12 hours non-stop, every hour making me more proud and excited over what was coming to be right in front of me.
Nothing went wrong, Nothing. For me, that's a first.
Of course, I later found out the arms were a little long, but hey, rather long than too short, right? It's not a flaw, it's an extra.

When all was put together I only needed two things:

1. A Gryffindor patch. 
(Ebay is your friend, remember that, people!)

2. A hook to close the coat with.
Of all the things I don't throw away, a simple frikkin' hook was nowhere to be seen. So I had to run into town. Now I had my dog with me, and I couldn't leave him alone outside, so with Logan under my arm I run into the hobby-store, stressed out of my mind, rambling "I'M SO SORRY FOR BRINGING THE DOG BUT I CAN'T LEAVE HIM OUTSIDE AND I REALLY NEED THIS ONE LITTLE THING I'LL BE SUPER-QUICK I PROMISE PLEEEAAASSSEEE DON'T THROW ME OUT!"

Subtle, right?  I know.

Either way, I got the hook, ran home, sewed it on and met with the buyer a few hours later. I frikkin' rock.

Oh, and guess what?  The girl loved it. A job well done. ♥ 

Don't Run with Scissors.


  1. Youre a hit, Katty! Nice sewing and Congratulation with the GC!

  2. it looks a little big. * I'm a little jealous *


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