Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Personalized mugs.

It appears I haven't been updating again. It turns out I actually have a life. Who knew, right?!
Anyways, as I am in the middle of creating my first poppet (I am terrified of dolls, so this project will take a while....) I remembered my poor blog and decided to throw another project up;

I have six, yes, SIX, nieces and nephews. In fact, I've been an aunt since I was ten years old (that's how awesome I am), and there is more to come.... But more on that later.
My painting teacher told me I was working too fast and needed to start a project that didn't leave me sitting for hours on end wondering "Now what?" Thus the creation of this:

None of them look exactly the same as they are all completely hand painted. Why the last one has an octopus, you ask?  Well, I felt like making one and the soon-to-be cup-owner Stella, being youngest and all, seemed like the best bet to like it. The octopus, that is. 

Don't run with scissors.  

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