Friday, June 24, 2011

Sew Cool and Game Over Mugs

Remember how I said I kind of went all out when I finally got the green light to do my own thing in class? Well, these are the things I made myself, to myself, by myself.

Game over, baby.
I have two main interests and hobbies, that go above all others. One of them is gaming. To me it's more of a lifestyle than a hobby, I remember the first time I held a controller and when I got a NES for christmas at the age of eight. It was the start of a love for pixels that have never faded through the years.

Sew Cool

My second hobby, interest and lifestyle, as I am sure is no surprises to you regular readers, haha. Can you believe that three years ago I fixed holes in my jeans with duct tape? I'm not kidding you, I could barely thread a needle. 
But things change, people change and sometimes it's for the better.

Don't run with scissors. 


  1. Those are awesome! Great art work on them! When I visit Oslo I think I'll place an order :)

  2. Next year I will buy Christmas presents from you to myself I want one of those too


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