Friday, August 5, 2011

Crafting with Kids - Aquarium

I recently spent two weeks in Sweden, visiting family and such, you know how it is.  This here is three of my perfectly normal, healthy nieces and one nephew. I know, you can totally see we're related, right?

See, one thing I love about being around kids is that I get to do crafts that would look more than a little strange if I did them at home on my own.  Like a cardboard aquarium, for example. Or a barbie house (I'll get to that in another post), which made grandma run out of glue. This of course being the reason why everything in the aquarium is put together with tape.

I was cleaning out my mothers attic, looking through the last of my things and deciding what I was taking with me back home to Norway and what was going to be tossed. Oh, the memories... It was raining outside and with three hyper kids who were more than a little upset about not being allowed to be on the trampoline, something needed to be done fast!

So I found An old PS-box, some yarn, some tape, paper, pens, saran wrap (for the "glass" front) and scissors and parked the kids butts on the floor to make an aquarium with me. Something I hadn't done since first grade in school about 16 years ago.

(Oh, what do you know, me in a white shirt, no make-up and hair in desperate need of being dyed again. How charming...)

After explaining to the youngest how a fish that is the size of an A4 is going to have a hard time fitting into the aquarium, but how my magical scissor made it small enough to fit in with the others it was time to put it all together.

Very original fishies, best aquarium on the street, I'm sure. I mean, how many of you have a shark, a starfish, a Poofy-fish and a flying-fish (who is afraid of heights) in the same tank, eh?

Don't breath water.


  1. Aww..this is so great! So much fun for you & great memories for the nieces & nephews too!

  2. du den parfymen har typ slutat säljas här, ibland säljer dom rest lager uppe på VI butiken för 10 kr ;)


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