Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mr. Kilt's new Penholder

I'm incredibly proud over my awesome Mr. Kilt who started school this week.  He's studying to become a Stage and Light Technician (I know, sounds totally hardcore, right?). As he was packing his bag for school he realized he didn't have anywhere to put all the pens and markers he has to drag around, so with a sweet innocent look on his face he asked if I could make one.
Sure thing, I said. It will be my first test-subject for my new ovelock.

I let him pick out the fabrics and after i found some elastic I was put to work. The result became the epic of awesomeness, of course:

(See the uneven bottom? Yeah, that's me getting to know my new machine)

As I can never resist a chance to add a little quirk to an otherwise simple project, I gave the edges an inside-out raggedy look and put a key (who many years ago lost it's lock) to work as a weight for the closing.
Mr. Kilt loves it. I love him. The machine loves me. It's justa whole lotta love here today.

Don't run with scissors.


  1. Love it! My mister is studying too - maybe I should make him one:D

  2. Fick du det jag skrev?
    Ååååh jag blir så trött på detta.
    Varför vill det inte funka när jag skriver genom mitt googlekonto? Bajs!

    Näe, men jag skrev att det är skitmysigt med kissemissarna iaf! Såååå söta <3
    Ska kanske behålla en eller två, om jag vågar!

    Och jaa, jag håller tummarna för mig själv nu! Jag VILL verkligen!


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