Saturday, August 27, 2011

My new baby♥

Here's the reason why this blog has been quiet for a while, I've been in a bit of a sewing-rut.  I've been dreaming of an overlock for two years now and with the amount of tax money I got back this year I was finally going to afford one, but then stuff happened and I didn't afford one anymore...  But then MORE stuff happened and I once again had the chance to get one, and yesterday I did. *dancing of joy*
Let me introduce you to my new baby:

I named her Pebbles. Because I can.  She can do all sorts of awesome stuff. I've always loved the handmade-rough look of things and with an overlock I can finally make some dream designs of mine come true! 
A mission from Mr. Kilt comes first though, a perfect project for getting used to the machine, which I will show you in a few hours.

Don't run with Scissors. 

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