Sunday, October 30, 2011

Anchor Beach Bag

This bag was an experiment.
I wanted to try out free hand sewing on my machine (turns out I'm really bad at it, haha) and I wanted to make a beach bag with a design I actually liked.
When I, a little over a year ago, was gifted a whole lot of fabric, I  got some off-green/off-white stripy fabric and my first thought was "BEACH BAG!"

(I hate our yellowish bedroom walls, ugh...)

The pocket, lining and anchor was made out of denim, I used some sweeeet soft rope I found in an alley-store downtown and eyelets for the fastening, because... well, eyelets frikkin' rocks.
The handles was a simply attached my tying a knot on the inside.

(The bag became a gift for Mr. Kilt. We also found out if the Dog fits in the bag. He did, obviously.)

Now I swear I  made this thing at least a day or so before they showed up in all the stores, honestly. Hopefully. Maybe....

Don't run with scissors.

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  1. I really like the bag - its super cute, especially with the wee dog inside!


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