Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hippie Bag!

While geocaching in Sweden me and Mr. Kilt got lost in the forest, rain pouring down like there was no tomorrow and trees, rocks and moss as far as we could see. It took us almost three hours to find our way back to civilization and by that time we were soaking wet and so was our things and bags.
My old faithful bag that's been serving me well for a good six years of abuse started smelling absolutely foul and it looked like it wanted to commit seppuku. So naturally, I threw it in the washing machine.
I couldn't go out without a bag, so I pulled out some fabric I had gotten on a sale in Sweden and occupied my mothers kitchen floor to create a new one.
I present to you; The Hippie bag - Pink Edition!

(Bags are frikkin' tricky to take good pictures of, how do you other awesome bloggers do it?! And yeah, hippie dog in the corner making sure I wasn't trying to sneak out without him) ) 

It's basically a typical bottomless bag with a round gathered bottom, one outside pocket with a button for closure and one open inside pocket. (No pics of the inside, sorry! ) 
I love how I cant fit absolutely EVERYTHING in the thing, but I'm not the biggest fan of having to almost Climb Inside the damn thing to find anything again after putting it in, haha.

Don't runt with scissors.

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