Saturday, October 29, 2011

Patches bag!

So I've been crafting a whole lot lately, but seeing how most of the things I've created are christmas gifts, I haven't been able to publish them here.
My oh my - This blog will be bombed with posts come post-christmas.
But (!) my dear readers, I have managed to rumble through my closet and find a few unpublished creations from throughout the year.  So starting with the Patches Bag, my blog will once again awaken from it's slumber.

(Taking pretty photos in a chaotic little apartment is always a challenge. Here also pictured my little hippie-dog who was convinced I was trying to sneak out without him.)

This was my second project hen learning how to work my overlock machine, a design I've had in my sketchbooks for a few years, to be honest.  
It's a complete re-use project, made from cut out squares from old t-shirts. Mr. Kilt and I covered the floor finding the right pieces to make it look good, but in hindsight it became a bit smaller than I wanted it to be.  
I also put a "double-patch" on the outside and on the inside for small invisible pockets. (Looks closely at the front and you see where my cardholder is poking out, on purpose just for you, of course, haha) 
Of course, the whole thing being made of old pieces of jersey it stretched out a bit when I put my things inside, so I ended up shortening the strap with a knot. 
All in all I love it. 

 Don't run with scissors. 

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